Welcome to Dr. Kate Lindemann's Women Philosophers Pages!

For decades Dr. Kate Lindemann has devoted long hours to building a site that quickly became the "first stop" for students, faculty and those who were intellectually curious about women's contributions to Philosophy. Now in retirement, she has graciously permitted this site to become affiliated with that of a professional association of scholars who work on the history of women philosophers. That site is http://www.sswp.org

Women Philosophers have been at work since ancient times. My hope is that you will find the information on this web site both interesting and useful.

Did you know that:

If you go to the Index page you will see that the women are indexed by their FIRST names. This is not done out of familiarity or disrespect.

It is done because, for women in many cultures, it only their first names that they keep through out their lifetime. Social convention in many cultures requires that women change their last name to that of their husband's family if and when they marry.

For an alphabetical list of the women included on this site, go to the Site Index

NOTE: This site is a 'work in progress'. My hope is that it will include women from around the world....that scholars proficient in more languages than I and those who know more cultures than I do, will contribute to this project. If you can contribute to the site, do use the form on the ABOUT US page to contact me.


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Now that I have retired, this site is being maintained by our sister society, the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers.


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