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Disclosure Finance: This page is designed to meet the FTC requirement that all web sites to state their sources of income.

When you visit this web site I hope you find browsing and reading it both a learning experience and a pleasure. I spend an enormous amount of time researching topics for inclusion on this site. I feel it a service to provide so much free research based information to readers.

I realize that those in the academic world expect all web site information to be free because academic web sites are supported by colleges, universities or professional organizations who charge fees for membership or services. This is not true ofWomen-Philosophers.com. This is a personal web site. I have no college or university support. I pay all the bills myself. Although some informational web sites charge membershipfees, I want all the information on this site to be free for all. I charge NO fees for using the site.

As stated on the About us page, I am a retired college professor who has been researching women philosophers and their works for over 25 years. I think this is an important but under served area of study. Someday every college and university in the world will integrate the workof women philosophers into their philosophy curriculum and when that happens the whole history of philosophy will be revolutionized. hen that happens, there will belittle need for this web site because the information contained here will be 'commonplace' knowledge.

Meantime I do need to obtain compensation to continue this web site. I want to explain how this happens.


  • Affiliate programs. You will find links to some companies who offer goods or services that could benefit readers of this web site. These companies are listed on the Women Philosophers Shop . When a reader places an order using a link from this web site, I receive a small commission.

    Note: I am really careful about what companies I list and I do look to readers to suggest companies where they buy goods and services on-line that they think might be a 'fit' forthis web site.

  • Donations Anyone wishing to make a donationto this web site can do so via our PayPal link:

  • Gratitude I am most grateful to readers who return to this web site to order their products. (I know of one one person, for example, who does her shopping at Amazon via the Women Philosophers products page so the site can receive the 4% of her purchase.) Without the affiliate income from your orders, I could not continue this web site as a free service for all.

Thanks for reading this disclosure page. And thank you for your ongoing interest andsupport of this web site.

Kate Lindemann, Ph.d.

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