Women Philosophers Index

Women Philosophers Index Special Note: Women are listed under their first names since this is the name that remains constant throughout life for most women. The only exceptions are for women whose title has become ingrained in usage eg. EnHeduAnna is listed under E and not H.

Women Philosophers Index A - B

Aesara of Lucania , Aganice , Akka Mahadevi, Ambapali , Anna Brackett , Anna Doyle Wheeler , Anna Maria Van Schurman , Anne Finch , Arete of Cyrene , Asnat Barzani (Asenath Barzani) Aspasia of Miletus, Axiothea of Philesia

Ban Zhao , Bathsua Makin, Beatrice of Nazareth, Belle van Zuylen, Bruriah

C - D

Cassandra Fedele , Catharine Macaulay , Catharine of Alexandria , Catharine Trotter Cockburn , Christine Pisan , Cleaobulina of Rhodes, Damaris Cudowrth Masham, Damo , Dhouda of Gascony , Diotima of Mantinea

E - F

Early-Pythagoreans, Elena Cassandra Trabotti, Eleanor Marx , Elizabeth Cary Cabot Agazziz , , Elizabeth of Bohemia, Ellen Mitchell , Emma Goldman, Emilie du Chatelet , EnHedu'Anna,

Women Philosophers Index: G - H

Gabrielle Suchon , Gargi , Gertrude the Great , Grace C Bibb, Hadewijch of Brabant , Hannah Arendt , Harriet Martineau , Helene von Druskowitz, Helena Maria Druschkovich , Helena Lucretia Cornaro Piscopia, Helfta-Monastery, , Herrad of Hoehenbourg , Hild of Streonshalh , Hilda of Whitby , Hildergard of Bingen , Hipparchia , Hortense de Meritens , Hroswitha of Gandersheim, Hypatia of Alexandria

I - J

Iris Murdoch , Isotta Nogarola, Jenny Poinsard d'Hericourt, Juidth Sargetn Murray , Julia Domna , Julian of Norwich , Julie Velten Favre

K - O

Kristina Wasa , Laura Bassi , Laura Cereta , Lasthenia of Mantinea , Lopamudar , Lorenza Strozzi

Macrina, the Elder , Macrina, the Younger , Maitreyi of India , Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Maria Zambrano, Marcella , Margaret Cavendish , Marie-le-Jars-de-Gournay, Marietta Kies , Mary Astell , Mary Fairfax Somerville . Mary the Jewess, Mary Wollstonecreaft , Mechtild of Magdeburgh , Melissa , Murasaki Shikibu of Japan ,

Oliva Sabuco , Olympe de Gouges

Women Philosophers Index P - S

Pan Chou , Perictione I, Perictine II Phintys of Sparta, Pythagorean women (early) , Raili Kauppi, Romasa , Simone de Beauvoir, Simone Weil , Sophia , Sosipatra of Ephesus , Stefania Wolicka (information needed), Susan Blow , Susan Stebbing, Susanne Langer ,

T - Z

Theano , Themistoclea , Timycha of Tarentum, Veronica Gambara, Yeshe Tsogyal, Zitkala-Sa


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