Women philosophers about this web site.

The women philosophers web site is owned and operated by Kate Lindemann Ph.D., professor emerita at Mount Saint Mary College - Newburgh, New York and Senior Scholar at the Center of Aging and Public Policy.

Sometimes people ask why I started this site. There are several reasons:

  1. When I was an undergraduate and took my first philosophy course I was was entranced by the subject. One day after class the professor asked me what my major was. I replied that it was English but that I was thinking of changing to philosophy. He said that I could not do that. Among his reasons was , There are NO women philosophers. Women can not do philosophy.

    Now that was in back 1954. What did I, a student, know? I assumed that college professors were correct. One reason for this site is that I would not want any other woman interested in philosophy to think that "women can not do philosophy".

  2. In the 1980's I had the privilege of meeting Sister Mary Christine Morkovsky, a scholar from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. She was introducing Latin American Philosophy of Liberation to North America. I was working in feminist philosophy. We saw some commonalities and wrote a paper, "Latin American Philosophy of Liberation and North American Feminist Philosophy: Possibilities for Dialogue" which we presented at an International Congress of Philosophy in Bogata.

    My Spanish was rudimentary but I learned much at that meeting! I heard a paper about women philosophers who lived before the Conquest! It made me realize that most of what is taught in university philosophy classes is really quite narrow in scope because it is so Euro-centric.

  3. Later I read Aegidius Menagius's work, Historia Mulierum Philosopharum translated by Beatrice Zeller. This work, originally published in 1690, gave me the names of many women philosophers and it showed me that there was a time when Europe, like Ancient Greece (Diogenes Laeritus in his Lives of the Eminent Philosophers ) acknowledged the work of women in philosophy.
  4. I have used that work in building this site.

  5. The fourth impetus for this site came from Mary Ellen Waithe who edited the 4 vol History of Women Philsophers. A massive and important work! And yes, it has been a major source for information about many women on this site. But like all print publications it could not include ALL women in philosophy and it, like so much philosophy taught in universities centered on Euro-American women. (I kept thinking of those Pre-Conquest women philosophers.)

    For some years I taught a course in the History of Women Philosophers at Mount Saint Mary College. I began to dream of a research work that would include all women devoted to philosophy (love of wisdom). I knew that No book could cover all this material AND books are really expensive - far too expensive for many students and scholars throughout the world.

    And so I decided on a web site which I hope will be globally inclusive, so it includes women of all cultures and times who were philosophers (lovers of wisdom).

  6. I wish also to acknowledge Jill Delston a philosopher from the United States who has sent me important corrections for two of the entries on this site.

When I retired from full time teaching I found SiteBuildIT a company in Canada made it possible for me to start this web site in 2007. I continue to add to the site - both from my own research and from material submitted by others. I KNOW the site is incomplete!

My hope is that others will get interested in this work, will submit articles, information, do translations and/or ebooks manuscripts. If you are interested in researching, doing a chronology or bibliography or writing an article or translating a passage from a woman philosopher who writes in a language you know, do contact me.

I do not have any funds to pay you but I will give you credit and would include a link to your resume or any web site you wanted. If you are a translator, I might even be able to create a CONTACT form that would go at the end of your translation....so that you might obtain some clients for your translation services.

NOTE: If you order your books or other products through the products page on this site, the stores will donate a small % of each sale to the site and that helps pay the bills.

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